Is it ...

Because if it isn't, you probably shouldn't be saying it.

And if someone says it to you, you should definitely not repeat it. Dare I say, even tell them that it was unkind, unnecessary or untrue? Because you should.

You never know the damage you can do, the lives and relationships you can destroy by saying things that are unkind, unnecessary and untrue. 

And generally, what you say about others says far more about YOU than it does about them.  Trying to taint the good name of others, whether you happen to like them or not, never will bring the satisfaction or adequacy you are seeking in your own life.  

Just a thought. 


An Open Letter to Stew Morrill

Dear Stew,

My name is Mindy Thornley. I am a proud Aggie alumni, former athlete and avid fan who has sat in section W, row 10, seat two for approximately the past 15+ years. {I may or may not have been the person who asked you the question about David's Collette's mustache at your last Big Blue Luncheon.} While you don't know me, I jokingly tell people we went sledding together, as we once were sledding at the same location at the same time at park on Cliffside probably over a decade ago.

But I digress.

Upon hearing your announcement of your retirement, I wanted to write you a letter to express my gratitude for the 17 years you have given Aggie Nation. To understand that gratitude, there are a couple things I need to share with you and one of those things ... I want to tell you about my older brother.

My older brother was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was 18-months-old, a disease that deteriorates his muscles and has confined him to a wheelchair for essentially his entire life. While this disease did not dictate our family's entire life, it did put some limitations on what we as an entire family could do. There were places we didn't all have access to, vacations that couldn't be taken and sports that couldn't be played. But watching those sports all together was something different, it was something we could do.

Hours upon hours we all sat in the Spectrum, each taking turns on who would sit next to him in the wheelchair section. But not only did we get those hours together, we got all those hours traveling together to watch our Aggies play basketball. We would spend days in Disneyland together and nights in the Anaheim Convention Center watching our Aggies tear it up in the Big West. Memories from heading to the Big Dance because of overcoming a 16 point deficit to UC Irvine to Jason Williams missing a last-second shot against UC Northridge and being eliminated only in the semis are all memories we have because of your coaching and your team.

We followed you to Reno and to Vegas {don't ask us about Las Cruces}. We were there when we beat Nevada on their home court and the time that Darrell Peterson had to play point guard for the first time so that Chris Huber could be home with his newborn baby twins.

But it doesn't end there ... My other brother, married into our family just months before you began coaching at Utah State, 17 years ago. There were a million reasons my new brother became one of my best friends, but one of them was definitely his love for Aggie basketball.:) There was nothing I loved more than sitting next to him at games, talking to him all-things Aggie, sending texts and emails throughout the day when anything and everything Aggie basketball occurred.

And just as my brother-in-law came into our lives right around the same time you came to our Aggies, he left just months before you left our Aggies. He left for Heaven, after a valiant battle to pancreatitis. Those 17 years with him are the most cherished years of my life because of what he brought to them. And some of my most fond memories with him have been sitting in those autumn-colored seats in the Spectrum in Section W, row 10, seats two and three.

When memories are all you have left of someone, those memories are treasured beyond measure. You may have thought you were just coaching young men how to play a game. But for the Thornley/Murphy family, you were giving us something so much more. You gave us time with each other and memories that we will hold close to our hearts forever that bring us joy, light and laughter to our darkest days.

So, Coach Morrill, from the bottom of my broken heart, thank you!


Mindy M. Thornley

P.S. I couldn't help but notice that David didn't have that mustache the announcement of Coach Duryea's promotion. ;)



Two weeks from today we will celebrate our Shtev's 39th birthday. 

I've given a lot of thought of what gift I could possibly give him and I knew that nothing would be more fitting than following in his footsteps by serving others. 

Between now and his birthday, I will find 39 acts of service I can perform in his name. 

But that isn't all ... I wanted to invite ANY and ALL to join me in celebrating his special day by performing one act of service for someone between now and his birthday, April 23rd.

I would love NOTHING more than to fill this world with more love and service as if our Steve was still here. So, please, friends! Serve away!

And then spread the word! Feel free to use one of the graphics below to spread the word and use the hashtag #Serving4Shtev .

Additionally, I will repost any photos, statuses, tweets, etc. with that hashtag!

Please, please celebrate his birthday with us by serving others and keep me posted! My gratitude will know no bounds!


For those of you who aren't aware of Steve's story, please go here


Six Months

"For the rest of my life I will search for moments full of you" - Anonymous

This week we hit the six month mark.

We have somehow lived half a year without him.

There is so much sadness and disbelief in that sentence. 

I hate typing it, as if merely typing it is what makes it true. It's like my entire body, heart, mind and soul want to debate it as a truism, so why would I be typing such an ugly, horrific lie?

If I am to be honest, it still doesn't feel real. 

My mind races to find a logical to solution of his absence. 

My mind fills itself of visions of him every where. It fills itself with ideas of him walking into the house, driving down the street and all the other familiar places I always would see him. It aches and seeks to place him somewhere on this earth and returning to us. 

It hasn't gotten any easier. But I didn't suspect it would. I've been told by many who have sojourned down similar dark roads that it doesn't get easier, it just becomes the new normal.

There is still that moment in every single day where my mind stops dead in its tracks and thinks, "Oh, my word. He is gone." If I am being honest, it's many moments in every day.  And each one of those moments ache as if a single day hasn't passed since that heartbreaking September morning.

And our only option is to keep on keeping on and look forward to that day, with anticipation of joy, that we will be reunited with our beloved Shtev.


Mindy & The Principal's Office

As a youngster, I was called to the principal's office. Twice.

And both times were in elementary school.

Apparently, I was a thug in my younger years, but fortunately, stopped those thug ways. About three years ago, I guess. ;)

The first time I went wasn't really my fault. And of course that is what an elementary school-aged thug would say, but I am sticking to it. 

The second time I was called to the principal's office wasn't really my fault either. At least, I am not 100% confident it was. 

In fifth-grade I was in Mrs. Fishburn's class.

If I am to be completely honest, she was the one teacher everyone dreaded having in fifth-grade. I am 97% positive it was because her last name was, well, Fishburn. I have never had a Mrs. BurntBagel, but I doubt she'd be popular either. I am also pretty confident that she was feared because she didn't allow cute Tenille to dot her i's with hearts. I mean, with those two things, the odds are stacking up against you!

At my elementary school, it was against the rules to throw snowballs. I wasn't confident in what the consequences of snowball throwing were, but I was pretty sure it was suspension, walking the plank or something as equally frightening. 

So, I was a good kid. And didn't throw snowballs. Most didn't. 

But then, one day, during lunch recess, Mrs. Fishburn's entire class thought it would be a brilliant idea for all of us to throw snowballs. I mean, like, what were they going to do to us? Suspend her entire class!?

Even if they did, maybe that would make Mrs. Fishburn like us better because we gave her an apparent, much-needed day off. 

So, snowball fight was held.

And ... it was enjoyable.

And when recess was over and we were lining up to go back to class, the myths of suspension and walking the plank were behind us. I mean, they didn't stop us from having the snowball fight {with "they" meaning the recess aides on duty}. So, we got away with it.

That is, until instead of leading us back to our classroom, they marched every last one of us into the principal's office. 

Hello, Mr. Sorenson. We meet again.

We clearly didn't all fit into the office. We were overflowing into the main office. 

If I am to be completely honest, I don't recall what was said to us. Except, I do remember one thing, "I have never had to have an entire class in my office at once!"

And you know what I thought? Awesome, we just broke a school record.

And with that, I was quite pleased with my day and being called into the principal's office. I mean, it isn't every day you break a school record. 

And ... that's all. 


Looking for a job??

Guys, I am in desperate need for an aide in one of the elementary school. So, as odd as this is: if you live in the Cache Valley area and are looking for work or someone you know is looking for work, here's the info.

Location: North Logan
Days: M-F
Hours: 8:40-12:30

The position is working with a kindergartner. 

Must be 16+ to apply and the ability to pass a background check. 

If interested, send resumes to mindy.thornley@ccsdut.org ASAP. 



Hello, my name is Mindy and I have straight teeth.

In first grade, I attended a birthday party for Katie G. and got the chicken pox.

This isn't really relevant to what I am going to continue to say, except for the fact that as an adult, I am realizing that if I had an arch nemesis in elementary school, it probably would have had to have been Katie G. After all, she gave me chicken pox.

In fourth grade Katie and I were playing a rousing game of  keep away. Okay, I might be lying on the rousing part.

Katie got a little feisty at one point and with a small push, stole the ball. 

Even at my young age, I knew this tiny kid had nothin' on me, so I decided to retain possession of the ball through intimidation tactics ... as in I pretended to bite her. I say pretend because I made the motion that I was going to, but did not make contact with her {because, hello, that is germy}.

The tactic worked. I got the ball. All was right with the world.

... until when after recess the principal came into my classroom and "invited" me to his office. 

Guys, this was my first time ever being called to the principal's office and I was T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D {and yes, by saying this my was "first" time to his office does indicate it was not my last, but that is an entirely different story for an entirely different day}. 

When I followed him into his office, I saw my elementary school arch nemesis, Katie G. Dun, dun, dun!

Principal Sorenson says to me, "Do you know why you are in here today?"

I am pretty sure my 10-year-old mind thought to itself, Because Katie G. is a baby and lost Keep Away? But answered with a simple, "No" instead.

The principal then went on to inform me that I had been called into his office because I had BIT Katie G. and left the most horrific bite mark on her arms.

I looked at my alleged crime and literally laughed when I saw it. 

10-year-old Mindy said to the principal, "I clearly couldn't have left that mark. My teeth are straight and the teeth that left that bite mark are crooked."

Awkwardly, the principal asked me to show him my teeth. Hello, straight. And then, with the same level of awkwardness, asked Katie G. to show him hers. Hello, crooked culprit. 

So, this is all to say ... that, I had an elementary school arch nemesis ... and to thank my parents for my straight teeth ... and to laugh at how 10-year-old Mindy was smarter than the school principal. ;)

That's all. 


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