Facebook Finds Friday

It's Friday, so that means this weekend I am going PAR-TAY. And by party, I mean do homework. Seriously, I have no other plans. It's even a three day weekend. Let's not talk about how depressing my life is. I just might cry.

Speaking of the three-day weekend, I really want to have a Black & White Party on Monday ... ya know, to celebrate the holiday. Buuut, I hate throwing parties. And I hate throwing parties by myself. I stress out enough trying to decide what I want to eat, what I want to do with my life, how can I do that for xx amount of party guests? That's right. I can't.

Anyway {!}, it's Friday. So we know the real reason you're here. Not to hear about my weekend plans or parties I consider but don't really consider having.

I like the Amazon one and the printer ones best, I think. :)

 A friend of mine actually took this one ^^. :)

Which one is your favorite?


Sorry we are a tad low on funnies this week. I have been away from FB. 

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The Suzzzz said...

The solution to the party problem? Tell them it's a potluck and you're providing the beverages. With any luck you'll wind up with 6 trays of brownies because everyone will mistakenly think the others will bring healthy treats.

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

Mine is probably the doctor one.. Just because it is so true!

Hannah T said...

Okay I am literally addicted to Carmex, and I cannot finish one to save key life! I usually lose them after having them for a week! MY family knows this so I got a whole pack of them for Christmas...

Krystal said...

Okay I am cracking up at the Nicholas sparks one!! I mock my mom every time she reads his latest novel. They're all the same! The doctor now was pretty funny too! And I'm dying to know what was in the amazon box. Holy hugeness!!

Brittany said...

Did you ever figure out what they ordered from Amazon? I would love to know what it was.
And the Nicholas Sparks one I saw that a few months back. So funny!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

Does it work on emotions... hahaha. I love all these. this post is full of smiles for me. Which sounds stupid, but it's the truth.

Meg said...

I'm pretty sure the Amazon box was a car. Some marketing thing with Nissan.

I think my favorite was the ink one. The doctor one irritates me because it's so true.


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